Facebook Daily Wrap-Up For 10/15/15

Aside from sharing posts from X-BitGaming.com on our Facebook page, each day we try to share some retrogaming-related photo or video from other Facebook pages or from sites around the internet. Here are the pictures we shared on Facebook on 10/15/15 in case you missed any…

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Double Switch!

While the Interactive Movie video game genre generally had more misses than hits, sometimes it’s fun to play those sorts of games just to see what the big deal was when they were being pumped out for consoles like the Sega CD and 3DO.

Double Switch was sort of a spiritual sequel to the infamous Night Trap and featured the likes of Corey Haim, R Lee Ermey, and Deborah Harry from Blondie. Like Night Trap, your job is to protect the occupants of the building by engaging traps that grab the bad guys.

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