Chaos Seed

Chaos Seed is one of those JRPGs that came out too late in the 16-bit generation to get a proper English port.

The game itself is design by the team that made the Lufia series and is a blend of simulation and RPG with a real-time battle system.

Think of it like Actraiser but instead of the platforming sections, you use a Secret of Mana-like battle system.

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Secret Of Mana Oddities

Secret of Mana was originally designed to play on the Nintendo Playstation (the abandoned CD add-on for the SNES) but when Nintendo and Sony parted ways, Square was left holding the bag.

Rather than cancel the project, they took a hatchet to the game until it was small enough to fit on a SNES cartidge.

Because of this, there are some loose ends that stayed in the game that might have been explored if the CD version had been completed.

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