The All-New? Punch-Out!!

If you were alive during the NES era, then you probably spent countless hours playing Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

Well, it’s time to get back into the 8-bit ring with your new trainer Von Kaiser (Doc died, sorry) to take on competitors from some of the later games, Frankenstein’s monster, and even a Moblin on your way to battle the new champion, The Boastful Sandman.

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Is This What Mario Looks Like In Real-Life?

We’re all familiar with Mario’s appearance from his various video game and cartoon appearances.

While Hollywood attempted to visualize what a real-life Mario would look like in the guises of Bob Hoskins and Captain Lou, is it possible that Nintendo already “officially” envisioned what Mario would look like if he were a living, breathing person?

What if I told you that Mario-in-real-life has been hidden in plain sight for about 25 years?

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