Facebook Daily Wrap-Up For 6/26/15

Aside from sharing posts from X-BitGaming.com on our Facebook page, each day we try to share some retrogaming-related photo or video from other Facebook pages or from sites around the internet. Here are the pictures we shared on Facebook on 6/26/15 in case you missed any…

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Which Final Fantasy To Start With?

Every fan of the Final Fantasy franchise has their own favorite game. For some, Final Fantasy VII is the be all, end all. For others, it was all downhill after Final Fantasy VI or even parts IV or gasp, I!

But for someone who has never played a Final Fantasy, which game should they start with to find out what the series is all about?

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Final Fantasy IX RECAPitation

Final Fantasy IX is one of those games I missed out on due to going the time-consuming combination of having a job and going to college, and while I’ve heard great things about it I’ve just never had the time to give it a playthrough.

So, if you’re like me, then you may want to give the RECAPitation video below a watch as it brilliantly tells the story of Final Fantasy IX in a compact manner for the otherwise busy person.


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