SNES Games That Deserved An SNES Sequel

Even though the SNES era was rather brief, there was a noticable jump in quality from the games that came out in 1991/2 compared with those that came out in 1994/5. For example, think about how great a leap in quality there was between Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III.

SNES Drunk takes a look at some SNES games he wishes got a proper sequel on Nintendo’s 16-bit console. They are ActRaiser, Demon’s Crest, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Gradius III, Super Tennis, F-Zero, Sparkster, Yoshi’s Island, Illusion of Gaia, and Chrono Trigger…

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Facebook Weekly Wrap-Up #2

Aside from sharing posts from on our Facebook page, each day we try to share a retrogaming-related photo or video from other Facebook pages or from sites around the internet. Here are the 10 pictures and videos we shared on Facebook between March 8th and March 14th in case you missed any…

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