The Deluxe NES Didn’t Come With Mario?

When the NES was first launched in North America, Nintendo introduced two sets: The Deluxe Set for $249.99 and the Control Deck for $199.99.

So, why doesn’t the more expensive Deluxe Set include Super Mario Bros., a game that was ALREADY a hit in Japan?

My guess is that the few retailers who were willing to give Nintendo a try thought that the only way the NES would sell was if it came with gadgets (R.O.B. and the Zapper) that made it look as different as possible from the Atari consoles they used to have on the shelves before the 1983 crash. On the other hand, Nintendo knew SMB would be the killer app so they convinced the retailers to carry two versions and agreed to buy back anything they couldn’t sell.

That may explain why you had the more expensive Deluxe system that included the R.O.B. Robot, the Zapper, Gyromite, and Duck Hunt and the Control Deck that just had Super Mario Bros.

Needless to say, Nintendo was right, Mario was the killer app they thought it would be, and the rest is history.

Anyways, this is one of the early commercials selling the Deluxe Set.

I like how fake “pumped” this kid is at the end. LOL.