If Guile’s Theme Song Had Lyrics…

Fox ADHD presents Guile’s Theme… with lyrics.

If you’re on your desktop, you can sing along:

“Beautiful Blond Hair
A chin that’s extra square
Fighting to avenge my best friend
Cause his death wasn’t fair
So I’ll search everywhere
Till I bring the Dictator to
First, I have to get a razor
and some shaving cream and apply it
directly to my face
Cause there’s a place
that hair grows
You might scoff
But I have to shave it off
I fight for truth
But I espouse
That GUILE only fights without his
Sonic Booms
And flash kicks are my style
But when you think of Guile,
Remember my most important vow.
Never go out
With fucking eyebrows.
But go away
If you are Guile’s eyebrows.”