Final Fantasy VI River Exploit

If you’re playing through Final Fantasy VI (any console version as far as I know) a 2nd, 3rd, or 20th time, here’s a neat trick you can use during the river segment of the game to boost your stats with almost no effort.

To pull it off, you’re going to need either a controller with a turbo button you can set to fire continuously or a way (tape probably) to hold down the A button on the controller.

Here’s a description from Kerronz on how to pull it off, taken from the description for the video below…

In the early stages of the game, a technique can be initiated when you escape from The Returner’s Hideout on the raft. While on the raft, you get a choice on which direction you wish to float. You will soon get to a fork with two choices, ‘Up’ and ‘Left.’ If you choose ‘Up,’ you will make a large circle and come to the fork again. Here’s how you can repeat the circle, with Banon as a unlimited healer, to level up your party with ease.

1) Have a turbo controller for the SNES
-or- if using a computer and playing with a emulator, setup a key to act as turbo input.
2) Go to the character menu screen, then config, and set the cursor settings from ‘Reset’ to ‘Memory.’ This allows the cursor to remain in the previous assigned action.
3) While in the loop and in battle, have EDGAR use his crossbow from tools (or similar), SABIN attack, TERRA attack, and BANON use health.

The damage caused by baddies will never overcome BANON’S healing skill, so there’s no risk of dying. Turn your turbo button on, place the dining room chair on the button, go to bed, and when you wake up Terra has learned Life, Fire 2, and will have over 2K HP, along with the rest of the party!

Time lapsed in game: 9 hours. Lapsed in real time: 40 minutes (due to speed up). Characters are level ~40.