Is This What Mario Looks Like In Real-Life?

We’re all familiar with Mario’s appearance from his various video game and cartoon appearances.

While Hollywood attempted to visualize what a real-life Mario would look like in the guises of Bob Hoskins and Captain Lou, is it possible that Nintendo already “officially” envisioned what Mario would look like if he were a living, breathing person?

What if I told you that Mario-in-real-life has been hidden in plain sight for about 25 years?

Remember Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out?

The cover featured a real-life Mike Tyson throwing a punch with a real-life referee (or at least an actor in costume) behind him in the shot.

When Tyson’s rights expired and he was taken out of the game, Nintendo re-did the cover as more of a life-like painting featuring Mr. Dream.


However, if you notice, they didn’t keep the same referee. Now it’s a mustached man more like in-game referee Mario.

Is this the face of Mario according to Nintendo?

real mario closeup

He looks like Booger from the Revenge of the Nerd movies.